As a trusted one-stop solutions provider for offshore cranes, we innovate solutions that will shape the energy landscape of the future.

Handal Energy is an oil and gas company specialising in the manufacturing, maintenance and servicing of offshore cranes.

We are a team of professionals with decades of experience committed to pushing the boundaries of offshore crane technology with knowledge, versatility and innovation.
Handal is the leading provider of API 2C rental cranes in South East Asia. Today, our rental cranes are represented on almost every oil and gas producer in the region. We are one of the only two API 2C crane manufacturers in Malaysia.

We provide value-added solutions that support the most demanding schedules and specifications. Our products and integrated solutions are structured to swiftly respond to our client’s need for cost-efficiency, maximum safety and optimum productivity. Decades of successful delivery have bound us into long-term contracts with our clients.

Moving forward, we will continue to evolve with advanced technology, integrated expertise and innovative solutions by combining capabilities across the globe. Through strategic and meaningful collaborations, we are able to achieve synergies that unlock new and sustainable possibilities for our clients.
By empowering our people, we are ready to energise the world today and for generations to come.